We support companies, institutions and executive management in all aspects of communication, with one overarching goal:
to help you take control of your reputation.



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Devising a communications strategy

Digitalisation has revolutionised communication. In order to seize new opportunities, it is essential to master all elements that make up your company’s and brand’s reputation. To achieve this:

  • We will conduct a perception study and overall image analysis, as well as identifying communications opportunities and threats.
  • We will create strategies to securely embed your reputation within the public opinion.
  • We will devise an action plan and help you put it into practice.




Company and executive positioning

Company managers are the incarnation of their company. They exercise leadership to draw internal and external stakeholders around a vision and project. Leaders thereby become public figures who, as well as communicating on their specific activity, also need to be able to express themselves on subjects of general interest. In order to reinforce your credibility and establish your legitimacy beyond the economic field:

  • We develop a reasoned positioning on major topics identified, which we define in alignment with the projected company vision.
  • We organise dissemination of these positionings, specifically adapted to the audience, whether at local, national or global level.
  • We maintain continuous dialogue with relevant stakeholder groups.
  • We make our network of contacts available to you.
  • We arrange your participation in public events. We can also create and organise bespoke formats to improve your visibility in the political and economic landscape or to reinforce your employer branding amongst students. For example, we are a founding partner of the French-German Business Forum in association with Les Echos and Handelsblatt.

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Media relations

Maintaining good media relations requires a sound understanding of the needs and expectations of journalists. And good stories demand a clear analysis of the current situation, especially in intercultural contexts. To achieve this:

  • We will support you by developing a communications strategy for the press and by preparing action plans.
  • We will write and edit releases and press kits, organise conferences and press trips to suit your needs, and give you the assurance of direct, personal contact with the most influential journalists and media.
  • We will develop dedicated monitoring and analysis tools which allow you to survey your target market in realtime.


Social media

Digital communication is an integral part of any coherent communications strategy. Far from simply transferring traditional media tools:

  • We create specific plans which are adapted to each social media platform so our clients messages reach the right audience.
  • We set up the right strategies and tools to anticipate and resolve potential crises.


Public affairs

Companies are a key element in political discussions and subject to the changing tide of public opinion. Keeping out of the public debate and not explaining the issues linked to one’s business is to leave the floor to others and risk company activities becoming “unacceptable” in the eyes of the public. To ensure your voice is heard:

  • We create lines of communication with the political decision makers and influencers.
  • We use our proximity to centres of power to establish lasting relations for you with public figures in France, Germany and Italy, from the national to the local level.
  • We formulate the right message which will resonate with the concerns and priorities of your addressees.


Internal communications, change communication

Your staff are your first ambassadors. Knowing how to communicate internally is key to the success of your company.

Management of internal communications is even more crucial when your teams are part of a multicultural environment or a foreign culture with different working methods.

  • We will accompany your organisational and strategic change process. We will develop and implement communications, tailored so that all parties can understand better the issues at stake during the transformation.
  • We will help you in preparing speeches, in your communications with employee representatives, in the conception and editing of internal newsletters or new formats and preparation of internal meetings.
  • We provide coaching to prepare you for specific cultural issues.
  • We maintain numerous contacts with universities in different regions to support your employer branding initiatives.


Crisis communications

In every crisis situation, we will work to anticipate and deliver a fast and appropriate response.

Our approach is customised and includes:

  • Setting up a core crisis team and 24/7 monitoring for immediate response.
  • Delivery of responses adapted to the needs of all stakeholders, internal and external.
  • A highly responsive management of social media channels.
  • Preparation of a crisis communications manual and tailor-made tools to anticipate and manage any crisis in a quick and agile manner.
  • Organisation of crisis communication training.


Financial communication

Financial communication is a particularly sensitive area, subject to specific legal requirements and demanding extensive knowledge of economic and financial mechanisms. Our international team understands local investor concerns and can explain specific national issues.

Whether you need help in preparing your annual report or your shareholders’ newsletter, developing your shareholder base, monitoring financial market developments and sensitive topics for your annual general meeting; we offer a wide range of services to ensure your financial communications activities bring success.

We offer a wide range of services for the success of your financial communication, especially in France, Germany, and Italy, but also in the financial hubs London and New York. The Barabino & Partners Group is one of Europe’s leading consultancies in financial communications, particularly for M&A and IPO transactions.


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